The Group is involved in businesses as diverse as Travel and Tourism, Events, trainings and Marketing. Dedication, Dynamism and Passion is what drives the Group’s enterprise. Our projects and operations provide significant levels of employment particularly in the Travel & Tourism and Training sector. This brings particular benefits in remote and less-developed regions where there is little alternative work and many people lack skills. We recognize the importance of recruiting local people and giving them the skills to increase their wealth and improve their chances of remaining employed. Alaphra Group produces and hosts business events in all major cities in the country, with North East Region  in  particular; one may call it as ‘the untapped market’.We do intensive research and  produces  high  quality   events,  ensuring  our  clients  their Maximum Return on their Investment (ROI). We produce and host events on various sectors – Healthcare, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Finance, Leadership and Investment. Alaphra Group also works and associates with various State Governments in North East, Corporate peers and media’s to add value to our business.


                          Our organization is dedicated to promoting openness, innovation, and opportunity. Simply put, we want to make North East, better for everyone.



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