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                             One of the Group’s main objective is to develop and employ the North East Community. Our projects and operations provide   significant   levels   of   employment.    This   brings   particular   benefits  in  remote  and

less-developed  regions where  there  is little  alternative work  and  many  people  lack   skills.  We

recognize the importance of recruiting local people and giving them the skill development  trainings

to  increase  their  wealth  and improve their chances of remaining employed. We give preference to

local  residents  to  maximize  local employment opportunities or hire a specified proportion of local

people.  Participating  trainees  are  usually  selected  and  managed  in cooperation with community

leaders or tribal authorities.


                                               Alaphra Group  is  also  a  partner  institute  of  Indian  Institute   of

                              Entrepreneurship (IIE), a National Organization under Ministry of Micro, Small

                              and Medium enterprises, Government of India.


                                               Alaphra Group have imparted  different skill development trainings

                              to more  than 1000 plus unemployed local youths all over Nagaland, sponsored

by Ministry of Micro Medium and Small Enterprises(MSME), Government of India. We also provide hand holding support for deserving entrepreneurs in setting up their units, free of cost.






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