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                     Our objective is to become recognized as the most dynamic tourism company focusing exclusively on NorthEast India  to promote our rich unique culture, people and the historical events that our people have contributed which is still unexposed to the rest of the world. Alaphra Tourism is proud  to be the  only  Travel  and  Tourism  Company  in  the

Northeast India dedicated to providing essential travel and visitor information covering all the major

Villages, towns and cities in the North Eastern States. We start by listening carefully  to  our  clients

and  understanding  their  needs  so  that  we  can  tailor   our   services  to   meet   those  individual

requirements. Getting to  our  region   has  never  been  easier  with  airports,  high  speed  rail  and

motorway, Chopper services links providing direct connections to the various part of Northeast and

beyond.  Once  you're  here  there  are  fantastic  opportunities  for everyone to enjoy the variety of

cultural experiences and warm hospitality that no other place has to offer, from ancient tribal art galleries and museums to a fantastic range of world famous local cuisine.


                       We have our own destination management companies focusing exclusively on North Eastern India, providing vital inside information on the best suppliers so that we can help at every stage of planning and implementing it successfully.

Our team always will go the extra mile. Alaphra Tourism looks forward to working with you.




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